Tom - Community and Land Permits
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Feb 2017

I found out about the My Summer Workplace Intern program through Councils website. Throughout my studies I always checked the Council website with the ambition to apply for unpaid work experience and when I found out about the paid interns program I thought this would be even better. I planned to apply for the 2016/2017 program and was stoked to get the Community Land Permits placement in Caloundra.

At Community Land Permits some of my key responsibilities have been to issue permits for the use of community land, assess permit applications, particularly in relation to corporate and community risks and to establish any specific conditions that may be required for permit approval. My University studies really helped when it came to formatting documents, managing deadlines and planning for any situations.

It felt good knowing that coming towards the end of my studies, there are jobs within the Government sector that I had not yet considered. Being my first professional office environment I had to quickly adjust to Councils methods and procedures. It has proven to be an excellent experience of preparation for any corporate position I will apply for.

I think that this program is extremely valuable to students. It opens the door to so many opportunities and experiences, but most importantly the contacts. The people I have met through my time at the Council, being event managers or the other interns, will be the most valuable thing I have gained so far for future job prospects and business ventures.