Sarsha - Infrastructure Services
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Feb 2017

I found out about this program through a family member and rushed to the council’s website to get more info. So far in my time with the council I have had the opportunity to:

  • Assist on site visits
  • Configure network switches
  • Configure routers
  • Update and monitor council assets using Meraki
  • Record data centre rack information
  • Reconfigure council IT devices
  • Install wireless Access Points

I feel the tasks I have been given have allowed me to make a positive contribution to council as well as help my skills in IT grow. The work I have done using Meraki will be used well after I’m gone and will hopefully make life easier for those wishing to learn more about council assets.

My mentor Tam has been a huge help and made the transition into the council’s work place a smooth and comfortable one, in fact all the people here have been welcoming and happy to help which has made this a really positive experience.

My studies have provided me with a solid understanding of the theory behind a number of IT roles and tasks and through this program I was able to help build upon my IT knowledge as well as gain vital practical experience you just don’t receive in a university environment.

In my time here I have learnt just how big council is and just how important it is for everyone to work together. The IT industry is huge and there are a number of different roles I didn’t even consider before starting this program.