Rick - Web Team
  • Last updated:
  • 21 Feb 2017

While searching for IT related jobs located on the Sunshine Coast, a friend from university clued me into four different positions available at council. With my previous experience working with customer relationship management systems and having just finished my Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology, I figured that the position in the Web Team would be best suited to my skillset and what I wanted to do in the future.

After familiarising myself with the various council web development requirements and standards, I was able to become a productive member of the Web Team pretty quickly, and thoroughly enjoyed the work I was given. At the time of my induction, the council was undergoing internal changes to the intranet, migrating from SharePoint 2010, to SharePoint 2013. I was given the task of developing the training guides for the web authors to use, as well as finding relevant training videos on our training portal.

Another large part of the internship was working with some of the other interns to create various web pages for the different parts of the council website. This was carried out via email and face to face meetings, and I can honestly say that I’ve made some excellent friends and connections in my time spent at the council. The best part was that the pages we created were totally our own creations, and where published on the council website to be viewed by the public.

My supervisor was very understanding that the shift from a private corporation to a government job would be a challenge, and she was able to start me off with the easier jobs, eventually working me up into the daily routine of the Web Team within a couple of weeks.

I was definitely able to apply my knowledge from university and use it in the internship, with the internship being the best way for me to reinforce previous knowledge. In my time at council I was also able to expand my knowledge of other customer management systems and a number of the bug tracking programs which are widely used in job positions external from the government.

As there are so many different departments within the council, I feel that it could be one of the best places to work an internship, as you’ll get to meet a lot of people in the various departments which is a great opportunity to get your name out amongst the other professionals, and you’ll be able to try a number of different positions.

I feel that the internship at council has been well worth my time, and is an excellent way for any recent or soon to-be-graduate to consolidate their skills in a professional and friendly environment.