Joshua - High Value Industries
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Mar 2017

I stumbled across the My Summer Workplace Internship program by sheer coincidence. Whilst my friend was looking for work online, I noticed an advertisement for an internship position within the Council, I copied the number and forgot about it. I believe it was 3 days after the applications where closed that I remembered about the position and called straight away. I attended the interview where I won over the panel of judgement with my technological prowess, linguistic capabilities, prior experimental business activities, style and acumen.

Upon arriving at the Council, I was embraced with compassion, community and even an office! As the days rolled on, I started to truly realise the amazing work and effort the staff at Council put into their designated positions. Once I was settled with basic administrative duties, I started getting involved with the projects being undertaken by the High Value Industry team, including the Yandina Solar Farm, some research on drone racing and potential collaborations between engineering at USC and aviation sector within Council, as well as having a somewhat integral part in the new Business News Update.

I have learnt such a range of skills, practises and the internal functionalities of local Government. I am actually happier to pay rates knowing that the money is being put to such good use. The skills developed at University have been put to the test. Many elements of the internship will surprise you; dress code, processes within the reporting world and approvals. So many approvals.

In essence, the whole experience has been enlightening, challenging and above all else, valuable.