Clemm - Express Services Team
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2017

I found out about the My Summer Workplace Internship program through my time at council as part of my university degree. Having recently completed my studies in Regional and Urban Planning I could utilise my skills in several planning related tasks.

Some key skills obtained during my placement included:

  • Understanding of planning scheme and policies
  • Effective communication in a team environment
  • Interaction with the public and other departments within council
  • Knowledge of common requirements for development applications
  • Insight into common issues experienced in developing on the Sunshine Coast

Whilst university gave me a great grounding in my discipline, the experience I obtained at council applying this knowledge in a practical sense was invaluable. Working within a highly skilled and knowledgeable team has given me the opportunity to gain exposure to emerging planning issues in a large and diverse region with many exciting projects currently underway.

The support, training and learning opportunities I received while at council has highlighted the great support network available to Interns while at council. I would highly recommend my Summer Workplace program as a launch pad for students or new graduates wanting to kick start their career or gain valuable experience in their chosen discipline.