Bridget - Events Marketing
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Mar 2018

I was actually looking for summer work when I came across the Summer Workplace program through the council’s website. I never imagined how many opportunities this 12 week internship would bring. This program is perfect for helping students adapt and transition smoothly from university life to the professional working life. This program has definitely improved and benefited my university work from the skills and experiences I have gained with the council.

During my time with the council, I was lucky enough to work along two teams, which provided me with countless networking opportunities and guidance. Throughout my internship, I have completed real projects that were mainly internal, but some exciting external ones as well.  I completed numerous tasks including, creating a CEO briefing paper, managing social media accounts, coordinating publicity media calls and assisting and working closely with other colleagues. It is nice to know that my contribution and work is important and is actually making a difference.

My ability to adapt quickly and also my desire to learn has been a critical aspect of my experience with the council. I have been lucky enough to have worked within two very diverse work environments, which provided me a colourful internship. All the staff members I have networked with have often busy and stressful jobs, however they have always managed to keep a positive attitude and work together.  I have learnt more than I would have ever imagined from the staff in my departments and I am grateful for them sharing their knowledge, kindness and compassion.

My short 12 weeks with the council has reassured me that I am studying the right degree and will be going into a career that I thoroughly enjoy. It has also showed me that there is endless opportunities out there if you have the right attitude. This program is extremely beneficial to students as it opens many opportunities and experiences, and helps them get a foot in the door. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking to gain real life experiences.