Sarah - Environment/Carbon
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2016

Corporate Strategy and Delivery - Sunshine Coast Airport

I found out about the internship on the Sunshine Coast Council website during my online job search. Throughout my time with council I have been involved in implementing an on-site composting apparatus (OSCA) at the Airport, renewing the Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation and working towards achieving Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation. 

I think with this internship I have been able to offer my resources (time and skills) so the Airport team can work towards implementing the OSCA and obtaining Level 2 (renewal) and Level 3 carbon accreditation. I have brought a number of skills to the workplace such as written and verbal communication skills, research skills and organisational skills. I think that in a dynamic workplace like the Airport, particularly the Operations and Assets team, it has been important for me to work independently when I can.

I have been fortunate to have a very supportive supervisor, mentor and colleagues. My supervisor is an efficient and motivated person who deals well when faced with challenges. I find that in whatever workplace I am in, I like to continually learn from the work ethic of hard working colleagues. I have met with, and sometimes worked with Ros and Sonia of the Environment and Sustainability Policy team, and I really like the work they are doing. Sonia has already taught me quite a bit in regards to carbon accounting and Ros has given me many ideas for improving waste management or how to implement the OSCA. 

The program has confirmed for me that I would be interested in a job that is focused on Climate Change mitigation or improving waste management strategies. It has also confirmed that I would like to work in the local government environment if the opportunity arose. 

I think the program is extremely valuable to students and graduates as finding a job straight out of university is difficult when you have limited or no work experience. The program allows you to gain some experience and build networks. The great thing about an internship at SCC is that there are many different departments and therefore a range of different career paths. In general, the internship has allowed me to build on my skills and knowledge and learn in a very different environment to that of my previous job. I think that working in teams, and even communicating with colleagues from other teams, only helps me improve my interpersonal skills.