Ronald - Civil Engineering
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2016

Regional Strategy and Planning - Engineering and Environmental Assessment, Development Services Branch

I found out about this program through the councils website. I have been working on Operational Works application assessments. This includes examining engineering drawings and plans in great detail to ensure the proposed works comply with the planning scheme and can actually be constructed without adverse impacts on the community. These applications range from second driveways, to dual occupancy, to large subdivisions. 

I feel that one of my most notable skills throughout my placement is the ability to be organised. I work with a lot of deadlines and hence time management has become a significant aspect of my day-to-day work. Scheduling my tasks has allowed me to always complete projects well before their due date. 

I also think that my communication skills and ability to socialise easily with others has helped me a lot throughout this program. My mentor Rob, like all the other engineers in this department, has been a wealth of information and everyone is happy to help and share their knowledge with me. 

Although my university studies have provided a solid background and basic understanding of engineering, much of what I do throughout this program goes beyond these studies and is learned on the job as you go. It has become clear to me, in completing this program, that finding a specialisation in the engineering industry will likely be beneficial. My university studies have been fairly broad and cover many aspects of engineering, but not all of these are in sufficient detail to apply in the 'real world.' After 4 years of continuous, full-time study, getting back to work took a few weeks to get used to! I have learned a lot throughout this program, but mainly I’ve realised that completing engineering studies doesn't make you an engineer, it is all about the actual on-the-job learning and training.  

The department I have been placed in is great, it’s the best workplace I have been in to date (and I have been in a few!!). The people are friendly, happy to share their thoughts, and most importantly, they are very respectful of each other.

This program is valuable to students, I would recommend it as it provides great work experience and it’s one of the few internships where you actually get paid!