Lauren - Business
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Feb 2016

Regional Strategy and Planning - Planning Assessment Unit, Development Services Branch

I found out about the My Summer Workplace program through my university and the council’s website. Throughout my internship I have completed a number of administration tasks and created various ‘How to’ fact sheets, that will assist my colleagues. I have also been creating calendars and formatting data so that it presents well. 

I feel that throughout my university career I have developed new ways to communicate ideas, and this technique has been implemented continually throughout this program. I also feel that the theory I learnt at university has been put to practise.

I have learnt a lot about council and the ways that it operates beyond the public eye. The people I have been working alongside are all very helpful, and always happy to provide me with guidance. 

My time with council has reassured me that I completed the right degree, as I am enjoying the work. I feel that this program has provided me with a smooth transition from full-time studying to professional-working life – as opposed to being dropped into the deep end.

This is a very valuable opportunity for students as it links their studies to the real world, whilst providing guidance from experienced supervisors. I would highly recommend this program.