Kelsey - Business
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2016

Corporate Strategy and Delivery - Marketing and Communication Branch 

I was actually looking for a job when I came across the Summer Workplace program. I had never even considered the possibility of an internship or the opportunities it might bring. This program aims to help students put their degrees theory into action in a professional workplace - which for me, it has definitely done. I actually think that my university work will benefit from the experiences and skills I have gained here. 

Throughout my time with council I have been completing ‘actual work.’ I know it sounds funny, but internships often come with a set of stereotypes. Nevertheless, I was completely immersed into the workplace and given individual projects - which were both challenging and rewarding. I have worked on some major internal projects as well as some really exciting external ones. It has been really fulfilling to know that my work is actually important and making a difference.  

I think that I’ve contributed quite a bit to my workplace. I have personally written a reference guide for the communications team and have conducted training sessions to assist them with our new CMS program. I have also worked extensively to source information and material for major projects within our branch. 

I feel that my ability to learn quickly, and also my want to learn, has been a critical aspect of my internship experience. I have been open to any and all opportunities that have come my way, and feel that my time with council has benefitted from that. I have worked within a very diverse environment, surrounded by communications officers, marketing professionals and graphic designers, and hence I have had a very interesting and varied internship. I have learnt a lot from the staff in my department, although their jobs are often stressful, the staff work together and always manage to maintain a positive attitude. The workplace is a really nice place to be, everyone is really welcoming and friendly.

This internship program has been completely different to what I had expected – but, in a good way. I've always been that person who lacked direction and going to university didn't change that. I’ve often wondered what jobs my degree will offer me, and although I am still unsure what I want to do, this internship has definitely provided me with options regarding the directions my career could take.

I think that this program is extremely valuable to students. It opens the door to so many opportunities and experiences. It has enabled me to meet new people and make invaluable connections. I would definitely, 100% recommend this program!