Harrison - Information Technology
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Feb 2016

Corporate Services - Network / Computer Engineering, Information Communication and Technical Services 

I found out about this program through one of my University Lecturers. So far I have had the opportunity to: 

  • perform tech support tasks
  • create user guides
  • create a promotional poster for the Staff Wi-Fi network
  • format/reconfigure and install network switches
  • initialize and install 2 PRTG servers
  • patch data ports
  • go to on-site visits to assist with network problems
  • network troubleshooting, and 
  • help out with the setup of the Apple TV's. 

I feel I have been a helpful and innovative addition to my department. I have helped people in my workplace where possible and have created many user guides that have been well received for their concise nature and clean design.

My mentor Matt has been a huge influence and help throughout this experience. He has been the main source of information for me and has taken me under his wing to ensure this program is a really positive experience.

My highly theoretical based studies have helped me in understanding the council network, as well as, in conversations and meetings with co-workers. My network knowledge has helped immensely with some of the networking jobs I have completed such as switch and server installation.

This experience has made me realize how expansive the IT industry is. There are truly so many facets of the industry, and I am unsure which direction I am going to follow at this stage.

I feel like the program can be very beneficial to students, personally, I think the program has benefited my technical skills to compliment my University knowledge. I would definitely recommend this program to other students as I feel it is a great opportunity to convert knowledge into practice.