Douglas - International Business/Marketing
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2016

Corporate Strategy and Delivery - Investment Attraction, Economic Development

I had never previously considered government work until I found out about this internship through the Marketing Students Facebook page from USC. I clicked the link and placed an application.

Since starting with council, I have taken part in organising media events for new businesses expanding on the Sunshine Coast. This has involved writing media briefs, case studies, responding to emails, site visits and assisting other staff. I have also been involved in the creation of policies and strategies, including: the Economic Development Customer Service Charter, Export Program, Aftercare Program and Investment Attraction Strategies for each of the seven high value industries.

I believe I have been able to contribute by having a fresh set of eyes, which has occasionally led our teams to see things from a different perspective. My mentor has encouraged me to go above and beyond what is expected and to do my work to the best of my ability, setting my sights higher.

Economics, marketing and international business have all been subjects related to my work here at council. There has been many times where particular buzz words or references have been used. From my studies I have been able to understand discussions and often contributed to the projects at hand.

The program has motivated me to work harder in my studies and networking in order to land a job post-graduation. It has also motivated me to look for greater opportunities and to really apply all the things that I have learnt at University. Working at council has broadened my vision about what kind of places will hire a marketing graduate like me and to be on the lookout for opportunities.

Although this program is probably different to what student’s expect, the more you put into your placement the more you can get out of it. The program has been great in helping me professionally network. Having this experience will be a great platform for my career, going into the future.

I would definitely recommend the program since internships are a valuable opportunity to make new contacts, create a good impression and potentially make your mark in the business world whilst learning new skills. Everyone here has been more than welcoming and has ensured that my time is enjoyable and comfortable, offering their assistance when needed. I feel that I have made good connections with my colleagues and have enjoyed my time here thoroughly.