Ashleigh - Event Management
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Feb 2016

Corporate Strategy and Delivery - Sunshine Coast Events, Economic Development

I discovered the internship in 2014 through word of mouth from a family friend. However I was declined an interview due to my early commencement of study, they asked me to reapply in 2015, so I did. 

Throughout my time with council I have worked on a number of different projects, including: 

  • feasibility studies
  • data collection
  • meeting stakeholders
  • reviewing and revising current processes and procedures for event sponsorship application
  • customer service work and
  • team bonding. 

I feel that I have contributed to my workplace by bringing new knowledge. A set of fresh eyes and new ideas has hopefully benefitted the events team. I also hope I am remembered as a friendly and happy team member who was always willing to help. 

It has been so great to see that my colleagues genuinely care about my role here and have taken the time to get to know me. They have made me feel extremely welcome and part of the team. They have taught me to be more confident and to ask questions about absolutely anything. It’s been a great learning experience to see what council does behind the scenes and how Major Events positively impact the economic development of the Sunshine Coast.

I feel that my studies have assisted me greatly throughout this experience. Having a foundation of knowledge about events and the industries terminology, has helped me a lot. Daily tasks also required group work and time management skills which I learnt from my time at university. This internship has confirmed that I am studying something that I am passionate about and it has definitely influenced my career pathway – in a positive way. 

I think that this program is an extremely valuable opportunity and I would encourage students to apply. A piece of paper with your degree on it is one thing, but to have actually spent time during your studies out in the workforce, putting your skills into place, is much more useful and gives you an advantage over other job applicants in the future.