Graffiti form
    • Last updated:
    • 28 Jun 2021

    Photographs note: A maximum of two images is allowed. Single files cannot exceed 5MB. Combined files cannot exceed 10MB. Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, bmp, txt, zip ,ppt or png

    Reference number note: The reference number must contain 281116(Date)R155AB(Contract number), for example, 281116R155AB.

    If there is no information available for a *required field please enter N/A.

    Graffiti Incident Form

    Request Details
    Reference number - date and contract number. Example: 241116R155AB
    Council asset
    Energex asset
    Main roads asset
    Private property
    Building and Facilities Services
    Civil Works Services
    Parks and Gardens
    Waste Resource Management
    Community Development. Public Art ONLY
    T1 request number
    Purchase order number
    Work order number allocated to the removal of this graffiti
    Graffiti Details
    Date Service Request was reported
    Enter tag description. You must enter FULL details
    Method used in applying graffiti, for example spray paint, permanent marker
    Further information if applicable
    Graffiti Location Details. Please enter the type of facility the graffiti has been applied to, for example, bin, bridge, skate facility etc.
    Facility type (e.g. public amenities, playground equipment, picnic table etc.)
    Property or asset (Name: e.g. Charles Clarke Park)
    Property or asset address:
    Property or asset suburb:
    Cost and Coverage
    Total cost - excluding GST to remove graffiti
    Coverage area. Approximate number of square metres of graffiti
    Graffiti Removal Details
    External supplier
    Internal SCC staff member
    If staff member selected enter name
    Staff member contact number
    If external supplier selected enter supplier name
    Supplier invoice number
    Supplier invoice date
    Photographic Evidence: Upload your photographs. Single files cannot exceed 5MB. Combined files cannot exceed 10MB.


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