Beach Wheelchair Booking Form (Coolum Beach SLSC)
    • Last updated:
    • 05 Sep 2022

    Please complete the following form to register your booking of the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair.

    Please read the following and confirm that you agree to these terms in the declaration at the bottom of the form.

    Use of the chairs

    1. Do not use the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair during severe weather, dangerous and/or rough ocean currents and any other poor conditions.
    2. Do not attempt to cross rocky/uneven surfaces while the wheelchair is occupied.
    3. Do not use any of the detachable components for any purpose other than what is intended and do not use detachable components for lifting the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair.
    4. Prior to use, inspect the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair for the following:
      1. Tyre condition: check tyre pressure and conditions of all tyres. Maximum tyre pressure: 7 psi (48.2 kpa);
      2. Armrest condition: check armrests for any punctures. If armrests need to be inflated, do not exceed an armrest thickness of 17.78cm (7 inches);
      3. Frame condition: check that the chair frame and all connecting rods are in great condition. Rods should not be best or rusted.
    5. The maximum weight of the intended user is 136kg.
    6. Do not leave any person unattended or left alone in the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair.
    7. User should wear a lifejacket while in the water.
    8. The user must be buckled up in the wheelchair and escorted to the water by a carer/support person.
    9. If you are in doubt do not attempt to go into the water.
    10. The carer (since these chairs are not self-propelled) needs to gauge for themselves the ease with which they can push their charge (the chairee) on the grassed area before tackling the sand.
    11. It will always be advisable for there to be two people to help with the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair if the person in the chair is over 60-70 kg, unless the pusher is at least equal to the chairee's weight and has good strength.
    12. If there is a major mismatch eg. a 60-year-old 40kg mum/dad trying to manage a 30-year-old 50kg son/daughter – the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair can only be taken onto the grassed area, if at all. It must be pointed out, the carer (on their own) will often need help getting down onto and leaving the beach. Staff of Coolum Beach SLSC or other personnel cannot be expected to provide this help on demand.
    13. The WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair seat has three positions; one to transition the user and two reclining positions. These are adjusted by pulling a chain on the back for use and floating.
    14. Extreme caution is recommended when taking the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair into the water, not venturing any further than axle depth into the water.
    15. The carer must check with the volunteer lifesavers or a lifeguard on duty on the beach to see if it is safe to go near the water. In this situation, the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair can be used on the water's edge within the flagged area of the patrol but no deeper than ankle depth.
    16. If the dry sand seems particularly soft to negotiate, instead of pushing (rear wheel drive), turn the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair around and pull (front wheel drive) the chair - you'll find it a lot easier in this situation.
    1.  The WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair is specifically designed for use on sand and soft soil. To prevent damage its use on paved footpaths, roads and other hard surfaces should be minimal.
    2. After use the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair must be returned to the area where it was first obtained, at least in the same condition as when it was loaned out. If any item (eg pin, buckle or protective cover) is missing or defective, this should be indicated on the sign-on sheet when signing the wheelchair out. Users will be liable for any damage or loss of the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair or life jackets, or any components thereof.
    3. Please ensure the WaterWheels™ Beach Wheelchair is washed thoroughly after each use to prevent damage from sand and salt, and as a courtesy to the next user.

    1. Be aware. Due to wind and tidal variations, beach suitability may vary from one day to the next.
    2. Always swim/enter the water between the red and yellow flags.
    3. Please ensure you have advised the admin office, patrol captain or lifeguard that you have returned the chair to the storage facility.
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