2013-14 Budget
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Dec 2022

Council worked hard to deliver the lowest possible rate rise to its customers despite rising costs and the impact of de-amalgamation.

The average ratepayer will pay little more than a dollar a week extra and will continue to receive quality services and infrastructure.

This budget delivers schemes which encourage investment and creates jobs. This will support the long-term economic success of the region.

Budget snapshot

  • balanced budget—$538 million
  • $109 million Capital Works Program
  • general rate increase of 5%
  • 7.4% increase in waste charges
  • no increase in levies
  • pensioner discount continues, about $3.3 million
  • early payment discount continues, about $7.8 million
  • bottom line increase of just over $1 per week.

Council adopted the 2013/14 budget at a special meeting on 25 June 2013.

The budget was developed in conjunction with:

Budget 2013/14 news

Fact sheets

You can access separate sections of council's 2013/14 budget from the listing below or download council's 2013/14 Budget Book[5544KB].

2013/14 Budget Schedules

The 2013/14 Budget Schedules were presented as attachments to the budget adoption report. The schedules include:


The following were presented as attachments to the budget report:

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