Business News: January 2020
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  • 07 Sep 2020

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  • New home paves way for world-leading growth
    28 January 2020

    Sunshine Coast company Zone RV is revolutionising the global off-road caravan industry. The world-leading company has grown from 2015 startup to employing more than 90 staff and bringing nearly $40 million to the SunshineCoast economy. Economic Development Portfolio Cr Steve Robinson said "this is an incredible success story for the Sunshine Coast - three people blessed with an idea, ambition and entrepreneurial energy, and now, we have here one of the leading caravan manufacturers in the world - Zone RV. It is a privilege and an honour to be part of this."

  • Making a difference
    24 January 2020

    Important recognition and wonderful support from the business community for a local inspirational and dedicated founders. Congratulations to Mark Forbes who is the 2020 Sunshine Coast Citizen of the Year. Mark founded endED, a Sunshine Coast service that provides support to people with eating disorders and their families. In partnership with the Butterfly Foundation, Mark has worked tirelessly to raise more than $2.8 million to develop endED Butterfly House, Australia’s first national residential treatment facility for eating disorder sufferers.

  • Business blog
    20 January 2020
    Banking feeds (not fees!) are game-changing when it comes to small business banking. Make sure you read this month's Level Up blog, Council's small business digital upskilling program, to see how syncing bank feeds to your accounting software can help you keep on top of the game. Make sure you check back in to the Level Up website each month to read the latest business blog to help you achieve your goals.

  • Diversify your client base
    17 January 2020
    Florist? Mechanic? Accountant? Are you looking to make new business or community connections? The 2020 Anywhere Festival is seeking businesses, office space, homes and even backyards to host performances across the Sunshine Coast. If you have a warehouse, shed, Queenslander homes, garages, a unit, a balcony, a sauna, or even just a driveway then make sure you expand your customer base by registering your interest to host and sharing your great performance locations.
  • Sustainable business tips
    7 January 2020
    Water is an important issue for all of us. There are steps to take to be more water efficient and manage some of the increasing costs in business, such as checking water bills for inaccuracies, reducing consumption by detecting leaks early, and saving by installing water-efficient taps and appliances. Unitywater can help you manage your water usage and there are Sunshine Coast companies that can assist with water audits at your workplace. Check back next month for more sustainability business tips to help you save money and the planet.