Future Careers
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Feb 2017

What career opportunities are likely to be available on the Sunshine Coast in the year 2025 and beyond? Council is providing a preview to local secondary school students through the Future Careers+ Program. It includes exhibitions focusing on future study and employment opportunities within the region’s seven high-value industries.

These seven high value industries are part of the Regional Economic Development Strategy. They have been identified as the keys to future employment and economic strength on the Sunshine Coast. They complement the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and our natural advantages.  These industries will provide a platform for future quality employment opportunities for young people in our region.

The key objective of the Future Careers+ Program is to:

  • make our young people aware of future career opportunities
  • provide information on education pathways
  • help youngsters achieve the relevant qualifications here on the Sunshine Coast. 

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