Export Program
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Mar 2017

About exporting

Exports in the Sunshine Coast region are defined as sales of goods and services to non-resident households, businesses and other organisations outside the Sunshine Coast boundaries. This involves both domestic and international exports.

Council’s commitment to export:

  1. Provide General Information through export briefings, ‘Coffee Catch-ups’ with market specialists and links to Tradestart and Trade & Investment Queensland.
  2. Drive and deliver an exporting culture on the Sunshine Coast through development of the Sunshine Coast Export Network, LinkedIn group, export briefings, workshops and the annual Export Awards event.
  3. Educate and prepare businesses through tailored Export Programs for up to 40 companies each year.
  4. Assist up to 10 businesses with one-on-one tailored support for experienced exporters looking to expand their global presence.
  5. Present businesses with a range of export pathways available to them including council missions, State or Federal Government missions and event participation.  

How council can help

Council invites businesses in the Sunshine Coast local government area that export or are considering exporting to participate in council's Export and Global Capability Program[2191KB].

    Benefits of exporting

    When the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) was launched in 2013, the Sunshine Coast Gross Regional Product (GRP) was $13 billion. In order to achieve the goal of $33 billion by 2033, the region needs to grow of its own accord at approximately 4.8% annually (Alexander, 2014).

    The REDS objective is to grow exports from 13.6% to 20% by 2033 as part of the new economy. To best position the Sunshine Coast to achieve its economic vision, strategic intervention via export is required and at an increasing rate.

    The key benefits of exporting are to:

    • Give businesses access to new sources of revenue leading to increased profit and return on investment
    • Reduce risk through an expanded customer network, larger market size, greater sales opportunity, reduced seasonal fluctuations and geographical diversification
    • Enhance a businesses’ competitive edge leading to growth and long term expansion
    • Inspire and help businesses recruit better staff
    • Be a catalyst for innovation.

    At a national level the Australian Business Solutions Group have found:

    • 66% of exporting businesses are small businesses
    • 41% are operating in at least one high-growth export market
    • Australians working in export industries are paid 60% more on average that those who are not
    • 99.68% of the world’s customers live outside Australia
    • Australia’s current export market is worth A$327b and;
    • Exports of goods and services from Australia was last measured at 21.6% of GDP in 2012
    While these statistics reflect exporting at a national level it is clear that export can provide a great extent of opportunity and benefits to the Sunshine Coast region.

    For more information about exporting email economicdevelopment@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au 
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