Tourism and accommodation
  • Last updated:
  • 18 Aug 2019

Council regulates caravan parks and camping grounds to ensure that they are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition and that they provide appropriate facilities. Starting a new caravan park or taking over an existing park? You may need a licence.

  • Caravan parks and camping

    Sunshine Coast Council regulates accommodation (caravan) parks and camping grounds. Complying with council's requirements will help provide a safe environment for your customers. Visit the Toolbox website for information on:

    • when you need an approval
    • how to apply
    • how to comply and
    • other tools and resources.

  • Rental accommodation

    Council no longer regulates commercial/prescribed accommodation premises. However before starting a new business, you must consider the following requirements: 

    • planning
    • building and 
    • plumbing 

    For more information visit the Toolbox website.