Nambour Special Entertainment Precinct
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Nambour Special Entertainment Precinct (SEP) is only the second precinct of its kind in Queensland. Council endorsed the precinct for inclusion in the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 in early 2020.

The Nambour SEP seeks to help facilitate the music-based entertainment industry on the Sunshine Coast. It allows venues greater certainty about where they can operate and the relevant noise levels. It also protects residential development from unreasonable levels of amplified music noise. See the below map of the precinct area.

Nambour Special Entertainment Precinct


Operation of an amplified music venue within a SEP

Entertainment venues in the Nambour SEP are exempt from the amplified music noise requirements of the Queensland Government’s liquor licensing laws. 

Responsibility for regulating amplified music noise from venues in the SEP has been transferred from the State Liquor Licensing Division to council.

Amplified music noise levels in the precinct are regulated by council’s Local Law 1 (Administration) 2011 which requires amplified music venues in the Nambour SEP to apply for local law approval from council.

An approval issued under the local law means that council will be responsible for:

  • conditioning the amplified noise from the premises
  • conducting monitoring
  • responding to complaints. 

A yearly license fee applies to this approval.

A local law approval is not required for the operation of a premises if it does not emit amplified music above Lceq 65db. This is measured at any point 1 metre external to the premises. 

There are no local law approval requirements for entertainment venues outside of the SEP. 

To discuss the local law or the application process please contact council

You may also refer to Schedule 10A of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2016 [1013KB] for details of what to include in an application. 

Do I need planning and building approvals for my venue?

Before approval under the local law can be issued, you may need approval for your proposed development. 

Under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014, the Nambour SEP can accommodate a range of business uses and entertainment activities. These include restaurants, bars, theatres and nightclubs,  that may include live or amplified music. These types of uses are generally considered consistent with the planning scheme (subject to compliance with relevant Codes) and will usually require a planning application to council. Some development may be ‘accepted development’ and may not require a planning application.

If you are planning on renovating a space for your venue or business, you may also need approval for building and plumbing work. A private certifier will be able to help you with this.

New and redeveloped residential uses and entertainment venues in and around the SEP need to be designed and operated to achieve specified noise criteria and attenuation requirements. For example, air locks, double glazing and construction of walls. 

To learn more about what planning and building approvals you may need, council offers a range of free and paid development advice services. You can also use the fees estimate calculator to get an idea of fees for your proposed development.

By seeking advice in the early stages of a proposal, you can ensure you address all identified development issues. This can improve the quality of your application. It can also streamline assessment time frames and reduce costs.

We recommend you contact development services to confirm which service best fits your proposal.