Food businesses
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Dec 2020

Sunshine Coast Council works with food businesses to ensure that they are providing safe and suitable food to their customers. Council monitor the standard of your businesses against the Food Act 2006 and Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The following information provides a snap shot of the information found on the Toolbox website.

Food safety videos

  • Do I need a food business licence?

    Whether you are starting a new food business or taking over an existing premises, you may need a food business licence. Find out whether you need a licence and the licence types available.

    Refer to the Toolbox website.

  • How to start a food business or make changes to an existing business

    There is a lot to consider before starting a food business. Learn about the process for taking over an existing food business or starting a new one. If you are making changes to an existing business, you may need prior approval. If you are looking at starting a home based food business, there are a lot of matters to consider. Council will assess your application on a case-by-case basis.

    Depending on the activity, you may need to complete an application. Forms are available from the Toolbox website. You may wish to submit your plan assessment online via MyCouncil.

  • Food safety requirements

    Paramount for food businesses, it is important to learn about food safety requirements before starting or operating a food business. Refer to the Toolbox website for food safety information including food safety supervisors and food safety programs.

  • Licence renewals, inspections and complaints

    To help understand the process for licence renewals and preparing for inspections, refer to the Toolbox website. You will also find information on how council investigates complaints and takes enforcement action.

  • How to operate your business safely

    Food safety is the responsibility of you and your staff. To help you comply with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Standards Code, there are tools and resources available for use in the day-to-day operations of your business. Visit the Toolbox website.

  • Water carriers

    Water carriers who deliver drinking water must apply for a mobile food business licence. There are specific requirements relating to signage, hoses, pumps and fittings. To view these requirements, visit the Toolbox website.

  • Food safety supervisors

    Anyone can be a food safety supervisor (FSS) for a business. They are required to take a lead role in supervising food safety in the business and must:

    • have the ability to supervise food handling practices in the food business
    • be reasonably available at all times the food business is operating
    • have the authority to supervise and give instructions to food handlers.

    It is recommended that your food safety supervisor completes a training course conducted by a registered training organisation (RTO)

    Updating / cancelling FSS

    Once your food business licence has been granted, you have 30 days to provide your food safety supervisor’s name and contact details, if you did not provide at the time of application.

    If your food safety supervisor or their contact details change, you also need to notify council on the approved food safety supervisor notification form[347KB].