Market stalls and temporary food business licence
  • Last updated:
  • 18 Aug 2021

If you are planning on selling food at the markets or an event you may need a food business licence. Temporary food stall licences are available as an:

  1. annual licence
  2. one off event for up to four days.

Before applying for a licence you should read the food business licence FAQs[328KB] to check if you require a licence or if it is covered by an exemption.


Applying for a temporary food business licence 

Review these steps for getting a temporary food business licence.

Step 1 - Submit a temporary food business licence application form

You will need to supply:

You should apply approximately 20 days out from when you intend to start the business. Submit your food licence application by email to

Step 2 - Final inspection

Council will contact you to organise a time for your final inspection. Most applicants will set up the stall at their home to demonstrate they have all the required equipment including:

  • pop up gazebo (or similar) with three walls and flooring
  • hand washing station - 20L water container with tap, soap, paper towels and 10L catch bucket
  • dishwashing station - 20L water container with tap, soap and 10L catch bucket
  • sanitiser
  • thermometer
  • benches, eskies, sneeze guard etc.

To see an example of the equipment required for a temporary food stall, view the artists impression of a food stall and the minimum food safety standards for temporary events fact sheet[403KB].

If council determines that your application complies with the Food Act 2006, you will be issued a food business licence certificate which will need to be displayed when you are operating.

Note: if you are applying for a one off event licence, you will be issued a licence without a final inspection. However council officers frequently inspect events and you may be inspected while operating.

Resources are also available on LG Toolbox website.