Beauty and tattooing
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Apr 2019

Hairdressing, beauty therapy and skin penetration such as tattooing and body piercing are personal appearance services (PAS). Hairdressers, nail salons and beauty therapists, as well as tattooing, body piercing and other skin penetration can spread diseases and cause infections. There are a number of documents that new and existing PAS licences need to be aware of. They include:

A personal appearance service can be operated from a home, commercial premises or mobile premises, e.g. a caravan.

The following information provides a snapshot of the information found on the Toolbox website.

  • Do I need a licence?

    Whether starting a new PAS or taking over an existing PAS, you may need a licence. To find out whether or not you need a licence for your personal appearance service, refer to the Toolbox website.

  • How to start a personal appearance business

    Before starting a PAS there is a lot to consider. You may require other applications or approvals such as development approval or advertising approval. You will need to consider the design and fit out of the premises. Home based and mobile business must bee the same design and fit out requirements as shops, and existing shops may require an upgrade to meet current standards. For more information, refer to the Toolbox website.

    Are you starting a new business, taking over or making changes to an existing business? Forms are available from the Toolbox website.

  • Tattooing, body piercing and other skin penetration

    If you are operating a tattooing, body piercing or other skin penetration business, you need to minimise the risk of spreading diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, and infections to your customers. For information on infection control, personal hygiene, after care and more, visit the Toolbox website.

  • Beauty and hairdressing

    Hairdressers, nail salons and beauty therapists may spread infections like cold sores, ringworm, scabies, head lice and staphylococcal bacteria. Operating your business safely can prevent the spread of infections. Find out how to operate your business safely on the Toolbox website.

  • Inspections, complaints and licence renewals

    To help understand the process for licence renewals, inspections, complaints and enforcement refer to the Toolbox website.