Business development program
  • Last updated:
  • 09 May 2022

The Sunshine Coast is home to around 30,000 businesses who contribute to a strong and resilient economy that enables the region to grow as a great place to live, work and play.

Council is focused on supporting local business activity and innovation while also building the reputation of the region as a key investment location. 

The regional economic development strategy 2013-33 is designed as a blueprint for sustainable economic growth to capitalise on business opportunities nationally and in the global marketplace. 

Business Development Facilitator

Council’s business development facilitators work directly with local businesses to provide easy access to relevant information and offer the tools needed to successfully manage and grow their business on the Sunshine Coast.

Under the business development program, the business development facilitators coordinate and support the delivery of key initiatives and workshops that inform, educate and connect local businesses. 

Business development facilitators assist with: 

  • local business support
  • one-on-one client support meetings
  • workshops to increase business skills
  • key information dissemination 
  • referrals and connections 
  • access to specific market reports 
  • connecting local businesses to projects and procurement opportunities
  • emergency event economic recovery
  • expansion and relocation assistance.

Key programs include: 

  • Planning workshops
  • Doing business with council workshops
  • Business system workshops
  • Supplier briefings
  • Sunshine Coast business gateway
  • online economic profile tool
  • Online tools and resources 

For more information, download the Business Development Program[1247KB].

Contact council’s business development facilitators by emailing