• Last updated:
  • 09 Nov 2022
The information below contains key templates and tools to help you and your business with COVID-19 impacts. The resources cover topics such as creating digital courses, working from home and eCommerce basics. For further information, email to:

Online security

Below are a list of resources to help keep your business secure when working from home.

Create Digital Courses

Share your skills online by creating your own digital course. Take a look at the best 20 online course creator software available this year.

CCIQ has gathered together some useful workplace policies and templates to save you time on writing your own or searching around for the best ones.

Free webinars

  • TAFE Qld has a free webinar series for businesses, covering topics such as managing cash flow, planning and strategies and they are also offering panel mentoring sessions.
  • CCIQ has a host of on-demand webinars to support small business through the impacts of COVD-19.
  • The Queensland Government has a series of business webinars covering essential tips for business education.
  • ATO's free small business webinars.

Free online workshops courses and workbooks

  • If you are a woman and your work has been impact by COVID-19, you can join the free She Pivots course to up-skill and find a new career trajectory.
  • The Google Digital Garage contains a suite of resources with flexible, personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive in an increasingly digital world.
  • Digital skills and doing business on Facebook training via Facebook's Boost program.
  • If you or your employees are working remotely or have some additional time available you might want to use it to gain some additional skills. LinkedIn is offering some free online courses that might help you with remote working.
  • Some universities are also offering free online courses such as Griffith University and Open Universities so you can up-skill from home.
  • These Coursera classes for businesses are being extended during the outbreak.
  • The UN has some COVID-19 online training courses.
  • There are some fun online classes, such as, cooking, yoga, language, coding and so much more on the Libraries website.
  • Deloitte's COVID-19 Small Business Roadmap for Recovery & Beyond Workbook.

Want some tips on how to have an online shop for your e-commerce? Read this helpful guide[19462KB] by Meltwater.

Learn how to market your business with the Australian Government Guide.