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  • 02 Apr 2020

Council is committed to supporting Queensland Health as the lead agency responsible for responding to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and will ensure our business community is kept informed. If you have any health concerns please call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or find up-to-date reliable information on the Queensland Health website.

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Download the official government “Coronavirus Australia” app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, there is a section for a businesses and employees and a way to report self isolation and so much more. Also, join the WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android.

April 1

  • The Australian Government has released a COVID-19 Job Hub to help the many employees that have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and reducing workforces, to more easily access jobs in health and care sectors, transport and logistics, some areas of retail, mining and mining services, manufacturing, agriculture and government sectors, among others that are experiencing increases in demand.
  • Federal Government announces $49.8 million support package for Export Market Development Grants, allowing exporters and tourism businesses to get additional reimbursements for costs incurred in marketing their products and services.
  • Queensland border restrictions tighten. Only Queensland residents and those considered exempt from the restrictions can enter the state Queensland from 12.01am Friday, April 3, 2020. People with an exemption must have a border pass prior to crossing the border. Freight transport services are exempt and will be allowed through without a border pass permit. The restrictions will replace the current arrangements which enable people to cross the border provided they self-quarantine for 14 days. 

March 31

  • Chief Health Officer announces licensed armourers and dealers may store, modify, repair, acquire or supply weapons and ammunition for those industries and individuals who need licensed armourers and licensed dealers to carry out their work.
  • Only critical interstate fly-in-fly-out mine workers will be allowed into Queensland to protect remote and regional communities and local mine workforces.

March 30

  • Federal Government makes third stimulus package announcement, saying businesses will receive fortnightly wage subsidy up to $1500 per employee to reduce job losses in a JobKeeper payment. JobSeekers can receive payments as long as their partners earn below $80,000.
  • Update on vulnerable employees in workplace -  National Cabinet endorsed the AHPPC advice that: Where vulnerable workers undertake essential work, a risk assessment must be undertaken. Risk needs to be assessed and mitigated with consideration of the characteristics of the worker, the workplace and the work. This includes ensuring vulnerable people are redeployed to non-customer based roles where possible. Where risk cannot be appropriately mitigated, employers and employees should consider alternate arrangements to accommodate a workplace absence. Special provisions apply to essential workers who are at higher risk of serious illness and, where the risk cannot be sufficiently mitigated, should not work in high risk settings.
  • Council announces it will not be charging interest on outstanding rate payments and will not be pursuing outstanding rates at this time.

March 29

  • Federal Government releases new COVID-19 app and WhatsApp group (send a message to +61400253787 to join) for all Australians to stay up to date and to register if they are self isolating.
  • Federal Government states that commercial property owners should ensure that any benefits received in respect of their properties should also benefit their tenants in proportion to the economic impact caused by coronavirus.
  • Social gatherings reduced to two people both inside and outside, unless immediate family members living together.
  • Hotels, convention centres and mining camps being considered by Queensland Government as temporary hospitals.

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