B-Well and Prosper

Business and wellbeing support for small business.

B-Well and Prosper

Is business stressing you out? Waiting for your next invoice to be paid so you can afford to pay your staff? You’re not alone. There are more than 30000 other small business owners spread across the Sunshine Coast that are feeling just like you, and your local council is here to help.

In an Australian-first, the council has partnered with industry leaders from across the region to ensure that our small business owners and their staff have all the tips and tricks they need to be well and to prosper.

Joining forces with local wellness and business coaches, council has launched a one-stop shop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an internet connection to get free financial advice, health tips, wellness ideas, hear other people’s stories of success and get connected to other locals to help make your business and your life the best it can be.

The B-Well and Prosper online portal allows small businesses with less than 20 staff to log on and gain access to a wealth of information across all areas of small business and wellbeing.

The innovative digital platform connects business with 24/7 easy access to online services through simple, engaging, real, practical and inspiring FREE content, including:

  • financial and WHS support
  • fact sheets and toolkits
  • interviews and webinars
  • events and activities
  • podcasts and blogs
  • wellness tips, success stories and much more.

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New content will be added regularly to ensure you are always getting the most up to date wellbeing and small business support here on the Sunshine Coast.

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