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  • Last updated:
  • 03 Mar 2020

Exports in the Sunshine Coast region are defined as sales of goods and services to non-resident households, businesses and other organisations outside the Sunshine Coast boundaries. This involves both domestic and international exports.

Export = Opportunity

When business owners choose to export, they are opening up opportunities for new revenue sources and giving themselves the change to expand their customer base and increase sales. Exporting is often a positive turning point for businesses and can lead to long-term growth and innovation. But where to start?

Grow your 'Exportise'

Sunshine Coast Council has published an Export Intelligence Guide to help local businesses along the export success path. This E-Book contains:

  • Details of subsidised export training and support programs
  • Stories of Sunshine Coast businesses that are exporting successfully
  • Tips on tapping into local export networks
  • Details of other organisations that might be able to help

Download the Export Intelligence Guide

The Sunshine Coast is home to thousands of innovative businesses. These businesses benefit from higher than national economic growth, lowest payroll taxes and affordable commercial leasing and industrial land prices. Sunshine Coast Council encourages business owners and leaders to consider exporting nationally and internationally as a pathway for increased success.

Council's commitment to export:

  1. Provide general information through export briefings, 'Coffee Catch-ups' with market specialists and links to Tradestart and Trade & Investment Queensland.
  2. Drive and deliver an exporting culture on the Sunshine Coast through development of the Sunshine Coast Export Network, LinkedIn group, workshops, networking evenings and the annual Premier of Queensland Export Awards.
  3. Educate and prepare businesses through tailored Export Development Programs.
  4. Assist businesses with one-on-one tailored support for experienced exporters looking to expand their global presence.
  5. Present businesses with a range of export pathways available to them including council missions, State or Federal Government missions and event participation.
  6. Promote Sunshine Coast Exporters to the rest of the world through trade events and published case studies.

Export Program Graduation

In order to further support our local exporters, since 2015 Sunshine Coast Council has sponsored the Premier of Queensland Annual Export Awards - (Environmental Solutions category) and hosts two tables of local companies at the awards ceremony in Brisbane. Typefi (automated publishing software) won the Queensland and National Small Business Exporter of the year in 2016 and this year received a finalist certificate. 


Benefits of Exporting

  • Give businesses access to new sources of revenue leading to increased profit and return on investment
  • Reduce risk through an expanded customer network, larger market size, greater sales opportunities, reduced seasonal fluctuations and geographical diversity
  • Strengthen competitive edge leading to growth and long-term expansion
  • Inspire and help businesses to recruit better staff
  • Be a catalyst for innovation

At a national level the Australia Business Solutions Group (ABCS Master Class Program, 2015) found:

  • 66% of exporting businesses are small businesses
  • 41% are operating in at least one high-growth export market
  • Australians working in export industries are paid 60% more on average than those who are not
  • 99.68% of the world's customers live outside Australia
  • Australia's current export market is worth A$327 billion
  • Exports of goods and services from Australia were last measured at 19.8% of GDP in 2016

It is clear that exporting can provide opportunity and benefits to the Sunshine Coast region.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013 - 2033 will achieve four clear goals:

  • A$33 billion economy
  • 100,000 new jobs in high value industries
  • 20% of goods and services produced for export
  • Household incomes that exceed the Queensland average

For more information about exporting call +61 439 716 086 or email: export@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

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