Export program

Sunshine Coast Council encourages business owners and leaders to consider exporting nationally and internationally as a pathway for increased success.

Council delivers training programs, industry news, resources and networking events with experts for businesses wanting to export both domestically and internationally.

Sunshine Coast export network

Connect with export-oriented businesses and consultants on council’s Export LinkedIn Network. Share tips, contacts, resources, experiences and post your questions to the group.

Generating export-ready businesses and market responsive industries will continue to better enable our businesses to respond successfully to domestic and global demand.

The Sunshine Coast regional economic development strategy is well on its way to achieving four clear goals:

  • A$33 billion economy
  • 100,000 new jobs in high value industries
  • 20% of goods and services produced for export
  • household incomes that exceed the Queensland average.

Upcoming events

Trade capability building program

Council continues to provide programs to help local businesses grow and expand in the global market. The process is often complex and requires substantial resources, the right knowledge and skill, and networks to succeed. Stay tuned for more programs in the coming months.

The most recent program which held three workshops over three months (completed in June 2023) included:

  • How to create achievable export goals – and how to reach them
  • How to pick the right products to export
  • Find your unique selling proposition (USP) and sales pitch
  • Price your products so people want to buy
  • Sell to foreign countries – and the differences you need to know
  • Take the next steps and put your plan into action
  • Budgeting, forecasting and how to activate exports

What businesses say about the programs…  

Incredible program. I have attended a number of different programs run through Sunshine Coast Council, Austrade and Export Council previously and this one was the most informative, practical and beneficial of all. It provided some great free resources that help to prepare and research an Export plan.

These workshops are a wealth of knowledge and added a lot of value and adapted to suit the needs of the participants. The size of the group allowed for us to extract a lot of great tips to put into practice. The facilitator encouraged participation and networking between participants. There was a lot of productive conversation and we all found a common thread there. Overall a valuable workshop that more Sunshine Coast businesses would surely benefit from in future years.


Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ)

Trade and Investment Queensland is the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency for international investment and trade:


Exporting is an exciting, dynamic activity that can open significant opportunities for Sunshine Coast businesses to grow and profit.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 identified local to global connections as a critical pathway to position the region in key national and global markets as a competitive source of high-demand goods and services.

Engaging with these markets has the potential to strengthen business resilience, generate wealth and lead to new employment opportunities for our local community.

The local-to-global connections 2019-2033 pathway plan outlines key areas of activity to support local businesses to respond and adapt to market change and opportunity.

For more information about exporting, please call 0439 786 824 or email: [email protected].