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  • 26 Aug 2022

Listen to Bound for Success to hear from inspiring business leaders. Discover career tips and learn about the Sunshine Coast business community.

Bound for Success - Season 3

  • The Secret Recipe for a Great Restaurant with Tony Kelly
    S3 E3
    "Restaurants are a simple game of maths, and if people get confused with it, you'll go broke". Tony Kelly has had a hand in creating some of the most powerful and successful brands in local hospitality on the Sunshine Coast, including The Wine Bar, Riceboi, Spero, Saltwater, Giddy Geisha, Market Bistro, Market Wine Store and Piggyback, with more planned and in the works. Tony is a proud Sunshine Coast local, and in this episode, we get some insight in to his beginnings as a chef, his business journey, and his secret recipe for establishing so many successful local brands..
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  • Embracing Change and Staying True to Yourself with John Robertson
    S3 E2

    "Have the right attitude, care about our region, and work hard" - John Robertson is a true Sunshine Coast local and is extremely passionate about the region and the community he has chosen to base his firm within. As the principal and sole director of O.G.E Group Architects, John has worked in the industry for sixteen years on numerous projects of various scales and types from Port Douglas to Sydney, as well as China. Through this time, he has designed a considerable number of significant projects both here on the Sunshine Coast and internationally. In this episode, John touches on the importance of attracting good talent, local architects that have influenced him, having the right attitude, and embracing the exciting opportunities in the pipeline.
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  • Creating cool jobs and building future industry with Will Shrapnel
    S3 E1
    "Those trying to initiate and establish those new industries, it would be great if they got some earlier recognition and support" Will Shrapnel, a qualified engineer, pilot, aircraft technician, businessman and local entrepreneur founded HeliMods in 2002 that remains founder-owned and led. What started as a one-man operation has grown to now become a leading enterprise, with world-renowned, vertically-integrated capability in advanced digital design engineering, manufacturing, certification, integration and support of aircraft mission systems. In this episode Will discusses the importance of creating cool jobs, blazing trails and building future industry. Will discusses the Sunshine Coast's digital infrastructure assets, and the opportunities these provide for building digital careers.
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  • Bound for Success - Season 2

    Catch-up or re-listen to the second season of Bound for Success, Council's Sunshine Coast business podcast. Hear from inspiring business leaders. Discover career tips and learn about the Sunshine Coast business community.
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  • Bound for Success - Season 1

    Catch-up or re-listen to the first season of Bound for Success, Council's Sunshine Coast business podcast and learn all about finding your purpose, becoming a CEO, being honest about who you are to find the perfect job, how to avoid burnout, finding a work-life balance and so much more. 
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