Business continuity
  • Last updated:
  • 26 Jul 2022

Upgrades to infrastructure, improvements to existing community facilities, streetscape and place making projects are some of the positive initiatives that Sunshine Coast Council is delivering to help create a healthy, smart and creative region.

We understand construction projects may impact local business and residents, so we have prepared a guide as one of the tools to help you plan and prepare in advance of construction beginning in your area. 

While construction projects can be frustrating, it’s important to remember the positive impact these projects will have in your area in the years to come.

The Business Continuity Guide will help your business

  • Understand how council plans for projects.
  • Get Involved early
  • Plan and prepare before construction
  • Adapt during construction
  • Understand how to capitalize post construction

As a business owner, you’re always planning and improving your business. When you’re informed ahead of time, project construction is something you can prepare for.

To help you manage during the construction process use the business continuity checklist in the Business Continuity guide[1157KB]. This is a guide to doing business during construction and road upgrades. 

Contact council's business development facilitators by emailing