SRJ Walker Wayland
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Aug 2022


‘Paying it forward’ - the Sunshine Coast business community has operated with this ideology for decades. It’s a concept practised by SRJ Walker Wayland that’s helped them develop meaningful relationships with clients and create a local network that thrives on each other’s success.

SRJWW established an office in Moffat Beach four years ago where they’ve been providing accountancy, advisory and auditing services to businesses in the region. In the initial stages, Principal Katrina Brennan found great support from the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, industry groups and neighbouring businesses that helped integrate them into the community. This early support connected Katrina and the team to a local network of small and large businesses and other stakeholders, helping them to build a client base across a range of industries.

"The business network here on the Sunny Coast genuinely wants to see you thrive because if you succeed then the region prospers. We’ve embodied that in how we build relationships with our clients. We make sure that they’re connected to the right network that will help them grow.”

SRJWW has found the Sunshine Coast to be very entrepreneurial as people get creative in building a business around their lifestyle and passions. Katrina and the team have been there for people as they grow their hobbies into businesses.

“I think the desire for people to make their business an extension of their Sunshine Coast lifestyle is a big motivator. It’s a driver for success because people want to live the unique lifestyle that this region offers while doing something that they love. It’s amazing to be a part of.”

SRJWW has been helping to provide a platform through a range of events for local businesses that builds their network and updates them on what’s happening in their industries. Katrina and the team have used these events to connect their clients with other businesses on the coast which has led to exciting new collaborations and partnerships. Sponsoring and partnering with industry events has seen the teamwork alongside industry groups such as Awesome Women in Construction, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing Excellence Forum and Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

“We’ve found that supporting local industry events gives us the opportunity to benefit a wider group of businesses and it also allows us to showcase our beautiful clients. For example, we partnered with Awesome Women in Construction to host an event where we utilised Beach Tree Gin Distillery as a beautiful venue location. This gave them great exposure and attendees were able to try their products. Often, we’ll purchase client products to include as raffle prizes at events that we support. It’s only a small gesture, but it can go a long way.”

SRJWW significant contributions to the Sunshine Coast business community is notable, and the reason they’ve been selected as one of this year’s Local Business Champions.

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