Zone RV
  • Last updated:
  • 11 Aug 2022

ZONE RV’s supply chain was impacted by COVID-19 due to parts coming from international suppliers. To allow for delays, ZONE RV adjusted its manufacturing schedule and introduced the new Base Series appealing to a wider ‘caravan cruising’ audience. They did not scale back on marketing and advertising activities, sending a clear message that they were open for business.

The sales team continued to have meetings and factory tours with interested caravan buyers - albeit by Zoom and Facetime. As such their production schedule is fully booked until June 2021.

Flexibility and communication were vital to the success of the company. Commencing in 2015 with 3 staff, ZONE RV’s world-class innovation, design and techniques have set a new benchmark for caravan manufacturing standards in Australia. This has resulted in rapid growth, with 106 staff currently working at ZONE RV.

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