• Last updated:
  • 11 Aug 2022

Sunshine Coast-based ENTAG is growing its vision to be Australia’s leading ICT organisation by leveraging its partnerships with Telstra, Apple and Microsoft to provide world best solutions across the country. With an emerging and strong business industry group that’s growing, CEO Kris Carver believes industries can learn from each other and come together to connect and collaborate. Kris also believes the region is the ideal place for people to expand their IT careers and look after customers of all shapes and sizes.

With a team of more than 170 staff, ENTAG provides business critical integrations of key applications and ICT platforms to customers from retail, through to enterprise. One of the company’s key areas of diversification has been into the technology and digital health segment, providing innovative initiatives like Hospital in your home and Australia’s first virtual hospital that allows real-time remote monitoring and virtual health care of patients. The ENTAG Digital Heath team has been boots-on-the-ground at RPA Virtual Hospital working to implement the end-to-end virtual health platform, train staff and provide ongoing support.