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  • 18 Jul 2019

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  • Youi Insurance, Pete Capra - Episode 8

    For our Bound for Success season one finale we talk to Pete Capra, head of software development at Youi Insurance, about finding a work-life balance on the Sunshine Coast, while advancing your career. He reveals how we all can create a great workplace culture and not lose that innovative start-up feel. Pete tells us about some great roles and growth opportunities opening up on the Sunshine Coast.

     Listen to You Insurance (Episode 8)


  • Food Matters, James Colquhoun - Episode 7

    This episode we speak to James Colquhoun, the CEO and Founder of Food Matters, about how we can all be happy and healthy in our daily lives. He reveals how he has worked with kings and movie stars and learned that money doesn't provide health and happiness. So he took control of his health and lifestyle and now helps others to avoid burnout, anxiety, depression and live the fulfilling lives they want to live. James says we are not taught how to heal ourselves with food, do our finances or have a good relationship at school, so tune in here to learn all about it now.

     Listen to Food Matters (Episode 7) 

  • Huddle Insurance, Andrew Carey - Episode 6

    ‚ÄčThis episode of Bound for Success we speak to Huddle Insurance. They've established their largest Australian presence here on the Sunshine Coast, with a new an innovative campus in Bokarina, featuring the latest technologies. Join us as we talk tech with Huddle's COO Andrew Carey.

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  • Sunshine Coast Council, Jeanette Allom-Hill - Episode 5

    This episode we talk to Sunshine Coast Council Group Executive Jeanette Allom-Hill about her career journey from Microsoft to the Sunshine Coast Council and about how being honest about who you are and what you are passionate about can help you land the perfect position. Jeanette also reminds us to learn from every experience, because anything you learn from should never be a regret, she says.

    Listen to Sunshine Coast Council (Episode 5)

  • COYO, Sandra Gosling - Episode 4

    Sometimes life seems like just coconuts and palm trees, but for founder of COYO Sandra Gosling, coconuts mean so much more. Get to know Sandra as we talk all things COYO and what it means to be an entrepreneur on the Sunshine Coast.

    Listen to COYO (Episode 4)


  • Gourmet Garden, Jacqueline Wilson-Smith - Episode 3

    Sometimes it's just about finding your purpose. Jacqui Wilson-Smith, Gourmet Garden's Global Innovation Manger, shares how finding purpose helped her reach global success in the food & agribusiness industry.

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  • Medifarm, Adam Benjamin - Episode 2

    "Globally, the medical cannabis uptake is twice as big as the dot com boom." This is exactly what Founder of MediFarm, Adam Benjamin, shared with us in this episode of Bound for Success. Want to find out more about the medical cannabis industry and opportunities on the Sunshine Coast?

    Listen to MediFarm (Episode 2).

  • Jetts, Elaine Jobson - Episode 1

    We're talking business and careers right here on the Sunshine Coast with some of your favourite leaders. Take a listen to Episode 1 with Elaine Jobson as she shares her journey to CEO of Jetts Australia!

    Listen to Jetts (Episode 1)