Business News: August 2020
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  • 07 Sep 2020

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  • HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing Risk
    10 August 2020

    Thanks to the economic impacts of global pandemic COVID-19, many business owners or hopeful entrepreneurs are probably re-thinking the risks of business. Whether you're assessing a new opportunity for innovation or thinking about your long-term strategy in an unsteady economy, you need to know the best way to proceed while ensuring that your endeavor is financially secure and thriving. Borrow HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing Risk â€‹from the library. Learn to understand categories of risk and tailor your risk-management processes accordingly, find opportunities in emerging markets and avoid common mistakes.

  • Digital strategies for business group
    7 August 2020

    Have you joined our Facebook group Digital Strategies for Business yet? It has been great to see the 30 per cent increase in members and we look forward to continuing to assist businesses who are learning to expand into the online business world, so come join us.

  • Innovation funding
    6 August 2020

    $12 million funding is available to startups and SMEs to help bring their big ideas to market. This money is available through the Australian Government Business Research and Innovation Initiative, which is seeking innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Applications are open until 10 September 2020.

  • Make your next contract part of building the Sunshine Coast City Hall
    5 August 2020

    Did you miss the Sunshine Coast City Hall project supplier briefing? A free, online information event for suppliers and sub-contractors was held on 23 July for Sunshine Coast’s construction industry to learn how they could be involved in the exciting project in Maroochydore City Centre. Make sure you catch up by watching this video and get involved today. This project is a key feature in the vibrant city heart and will include retail, community and office space. Read more.

  • Business grants
    4 August 2020

    The major grant round is currently open, council has temporarily removed the need to co-operative funding. Round 2 is open until 24 August with up to $15,000 available. Apply for an economic development grant today! Read more about the grants.

  • Calling all tech experts
    3 August 2020

    Frustrated by the sign-in process at businesses/restaurants and cafes? We are calling for Expressions of Interest from IT companies or others to help us find a regional solution and in the promotion of a COVID safe check-in app for the hospitality industry. Contact Darrin Collins by 14 August if you want to get involved -

  • Migrant work ready program
    3 August 2020

    The Migrant Work Ready Program is open! The Migrant Work Ready is a free program for people from a multicultural background, and prepares participants for the local job market and improves prospects to find local employment. We are seeking local businesses to get involved too. Find out more on our webpage and register your EOI today!

  • How did local businesses Level Up in COVID?
    2 August 2020

    COVID-19 has been tough for many business owners, so if you want to connect with other local businesses and hear how they are getting through 2020, take a look at our latest Level Up blog - Around the grounds - how Sunshine Coast businesses innovated to survive during the COVID shutdown. Make sure you also keep your eye out for our soon-to-be-updated Level Up digital upskilling training modules that are getting a few tweaks. We will have some great guest speakers joining us too.

  • Be inspired and learn how to optimise each day
    1 August 2020

    Richard Thompson is the founder of T-Zero Multisport and a world record ultraman athlete. In this month's episode of Sunshine Coast business podcast Bound For Success, Richard shares how he went from ultraman athlete to coaching a friend for triathlon which led to the creation of an online endurance multisport coaching group. He shares valuable insights on goal-setting, leadership and building a strong team. Be inspired by Richard and learn how to optimise each day. Listen to Bound for Success today on our website or your podcast app.

  • Get yourself ready to export
    1 August 2020

    Are you looking to expand your business overseas or inter-state? Last month we held the first of our monthly IP and trade mark workshops, so make sure you don't miss this month's event on 20 August. Join our Sunshine Coast Export LinkedIn group today to connect with other local businesses and experts in your fields. We have also partnered with the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) to provide an Export Masterclass held over three separate two-hour sessions. Don't miss the upcoming virtual market visits and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Join FAN today to get involved.