Grants Assessment
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jan 2019

Applicants must address required criteria within grant submissions.

Assessment criteria

Major and Minor Grant applications will be assessed using the following criteria: 

  • need for the project/activity
  • alignment to the specific aims and priorities of the chosen category
  • strength of alignment with council’s corporate priorities as described in current council strategies, plans or policies
  • evidence the organisation is working towards or maintaining self-sufficiency
  • benefit to the people of the Sunshine Coast local government area
  • evidence of consultation and community partnerships
  • capacity of the applicant to successfully complete the project
  • balanced, realistic and complete project budget
  • evidence that the organisation has inclusive participation policies and practices
  • level of funding contributed by the applicant and/or others towards the project.

How will my application be assessed?

Grants are assessed by panels, which include council staff experienced in each category.

In some instances, part-funding may be offered.

Panel recommendations for Major grants are reported to council for endorsement. Panel recommendations for Minor, Individual Development and Emergency grants are reported to the CEO for endorsement.


Applicants will be notified in writing of council’s decision. Notification documentation will consist of:

  • Letter of Offer
  • Conditions of Agreement
  • Recipient Created Tax Invoice/Invoice/Statement by a Supplier Form

Outcomes will also be published to council’s website.

Unsuccessful applicants may contact a Grants Officer for feedback and assistance with future grant applications.

Funding decisions

Funding decisions in this program are determined by council and cannot be appealed.

However, if you believe there has been an administrative error in the assessment of your application, please contact a Grants Officer.

Funding conditions

Funding will be provided subject to the grant recipient accepting the Conditions of Agreement.

In addition, some grant allocations will be subject to application specific conditions, which need to be met before payment can be made.

Successful applicants who fail to comply with any of the conditions may have their council grant funding offer withdrawn or may not be eligible for future council funding.


Grants Program funds must be claimed within three months of notification, except where an extension has been granted.

Payment is made via Electronic Funds Transfer to the grant recipient’s nominated bank account. If the applicant is being auspiced, payment will be made to the auspicing organisation.

Applicants must complete the Conditions of Agreement Form and Recipient Created Tax Invoice/ Invoice/Statement by a Supplier Form and return to council for payment to be processed. In some instances, there may be grant specific funding conditions that need to be met before payment can be made.

Council will endeavour to process payment within two weeks of satisfactorily receiving the grant recipient’s completed paperwork.