Sport, Recreation and Healthy Living
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jan 2019

Apply under the Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living category for projects and programs that encourage the development  of initiatives that promote participation in sport and recreational pursuits.


  • If your project is for an infrastructure project involving the development or enhancement of a community facility (building or land) your application should be submitted in the Community Facilities category.
  • If your application is for an event, please apply under the Community Events category.


Address one or more of the following:

  • contribute to building healthy and active communities
  • provide physical activity initiatives or opportunities
  • improve the sustainability of sport and recreation clubs
  • engage a broad spectrum of the community
  • provide access for all abilities
  • provide benefit to multiple user groups.

Major grant applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with a council Sport & Recreation Officer from the Sports Planning and Development team prior to submitting their application. Contact a grants officer for more information.

Some relevant corporate documents include:

Major grant funding requests for sport and recreation projects should be in line with the Sunshine Coast Sport and Active Recreation Plan and should be supported by appropriate documentation such as feasibility studies, master plans, business/development plans, and, where applicable, the priorities of the relevant regional or state sporting body.

Example Budget

Project: Series of training boot camps to improve skills of members and recruit new members

Total project cost: $6,500

Council grant request: $2,600 

Income (Sample Only) $ Expenditure (Sample Only) $
Council grant 2,600 Venue hire 2,100
Ticket sales 900 Promotion 500
Volunteer program coordinator (50 hours @ $30) 1,500 Program Coordinator (in kind) 1,500
Own funds 1,250 Coaches fees 1,400
Discount from equipment supplier 250 Equipment 1,000
Total $6,500 Total $6,500