Cultural Heritage
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jan 2019

Apply under the Cultural Heritage category for projects that enhance an understanding of, and interest in, the region’s heritage and social history.

Applicants are required to discuss their project with a council Cultural Heritage Officer prior to submitting their application. Contact a grants officer for more information.

Note: If your application is for an event please apply in the Community Events category. This includes events which commemorate the anniversary of the 1914 to 1918 War and ANZAC. Visit the Queensland Government ANZAC Centenary Queensland website for more information.


Address one or more of the following:

  • provide opportunities to identify, document and preserve the history of settlement on the Sunshine Coast
  • represent and preserve Aboriginal and South Sea Islander culture and heritage
  • provide access to, interpret and protect the unique lifestyle, places and landscapes within the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area
  • support contemporary heritage (post-1950's), including coastal heritage
  • tell stories relating to the regional contribution to the war effort, industry and innovation
  • encourage collaboration with other regional heritage organisations, to raise awareness and knowledge of regional cultural heritage
  • incorporate innovative practices to conserve, educate and promote regional heritage, including conservation of significant objects
  • the project has lasting community benefit.

Example Budget

Project: Artefacts Archiving

Total project cost: $11,850

Council grant request: $5,000 

Income (Sample Only) $ Expenditure (Sample Only) $
Council grant 5,000 Scanner 950
Donation 500 Archival storage materials 2,600
Own funds 350 Collections software 1,400
Volunteer photo prep. & restore (100 hours @ $30) 3,000 Shelving 400
Volunteer scanning & gallery prep. (100 hours @ $30) 3,000  Dehumidifier 500
    In kind photo prep. & restore (100 hours @ $30)
    In kind scanning & gallery prep. (100 hours @ $30)
Total $11,850 Total $11,850