Community Events
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jan 2019

Outcome: People and places are connected

Projects that support sustainable community and regional events and celebrations that reflect cultural values, diversity and the lifestyle of our communities.

To be eligible for funding in this category, events must be scheduled to take place after notification of funding outcomes. Applicants must discuss their project with a Grants Officer prior to submitting their application.


Applicants must address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Supporting and building capacity of  local event management talent and suppliers.
  • Contribute to local economy by planning events which attract a broad range of patrons and participants.
  • Demonstrate sound event management principles and planning.
  • Promoting a vibrant, diverse and fun place to live and visit.
  • Contribute to building strong communities: inclusive, connected, engaged, healthy and active.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the development of local creative skills and cultural pursuits.
  • Increase access and engagement with cultural heritage, including Aboriginal culture.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sound environmental practices and the promotion and protection of our natural environment.
  • Celebrate and contribute to our lifestyle, environment and culture.

Ineligible items

The following are not eligible:

  • school and church fetes
  • celebration or competition activities and events where attendance is limited to individual organisations or their members
  • judging or adjudication fees
  • uniforms
  • purchase of catering, hospitality, food and beverages
  • purchase of merchandise, trophies and prizes.


  • To be eligible for funding in this category, events must be scheduled to take place after notification of funding outcomes.
  • If your project involves hosting or facilitating workshops please apply under the category your project is aligned to.

Applying for funding for Christmas Events

In 2018, council is sponsoring five major community Christmas carol events across the Sunshine Coast region.

Saturday 8 December

  • Carols at Cotton Tree - Cotton Tree Park

Saturday 15 December

  • Carols on Kings - Kings Beach Amphitheatre
  • Coolum Christmas in the Park - Tickle Park
  • Nambour Community Carols - Nambour Showgrounds


  • Glasshouse Country Community Carols - Beerwah Sportsgrounds

For other local Christmas events being held in the same suburb or within the catchment area (7.5km radius) of the five sponsored events, please be aware that your application will be shortlisted as low priority and that funding will be conditional on local events not being held on the same dates as the sponsored events.

If you have any queries please contact the Team Leader, Community Festivals and Events via council's customer service centre or

Example Budget 

Project: Free Community Event

Total project cost: $23,240

Council grant request: $6,200 

Income (Sample Only) $ Expenditure (Sample Only) $
Council grant 6,200 Promotion 2,000
Sponsorship 10,000 Sound production 900
Fundraising 4,040 Bin and toilet hire 1,500
Volunteer labour (100 hours @ $30) 3,000 Stage hire 2,700
Hire equipment delivery 600
    Table and chair hire 1,100
    Event insurance 2,800 
    Traffic management 2,000 
    License and fees 900 
    Security 400 
    Entertainment 5,000 
    In kind labour 3,000
Total $23,240 Total $23,240


Some relevant corporate documents include: