Community Development
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Jun 2020

Projects and activities that respond to an identified local need and build more inclusive, engaged, and safer communities

This category aims to encourage and support local community organisations that make a positive contribution to the quality of life in the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area. In doing so, this category seeks to assist not-for-profit organisations to become financially self-sufficient, encourage community partnerships and long term planning in order to maximise limited resources.


  • young people (aged 12-24)
  • positive ageing
  • health and wellbeing
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • multicultural communities
  • access and inclusion
  • community safety
  • animal management.

 Projects funded under this category will:

  • promote social inclusion
  • enhance cultural awareness and diversity
  • encourage healthy eating and the availability of fresh, healthy foods
  • foster partnerships and collaboration between community groups
  • enhance community safety
  • encourage community engagement, participation and volunteerism
  • engage with the community to encourage a sustainable Sunshine Coast.

In relation to applications for animal management grants, projects must:

  • enhance community safety outcomes
  • align with the key objectives of council's Domestic Animal Management Strategy 2014-2020, and
  • assist in the promotion and advancement of responsible pet ownership practices e.g. desexing, microchipping, registration.


  • If your project is for an infrastructure project involving the development or enhancement of a community facility (building or land) your application should be submitted in the Community Facilities category.
  • If your application is for an event, please apply under the Community Events category.

Example Budget

Project: Six week healthy eating awareness program

Total project cost: $6,540

Council grant request: $5,300 

Income (Sample Only) $ Expenditure (Sample Only) $
Council grant     5,300 Workshop facilitator 3,500
Sponsorship     560 Room hire $300 x 6 weeks            1,800
Own funds 380 Workbook printing  560
Volunteer program coordinator (10 hours @ $30) 3000 Promotion 380
    In kind program coordinator 300
 Total  $6,540 Total $6,450


Some relevant corporate documents include: