• Last updated:
  • 17 Jan 2019

Auspicing means that an organisation which is recognised by the ATO as a not-for-profit type, or has a legal not-for-profit status takes responsibility for ensuring the funds are used as outlined in the grant allocation.

An auspicing organisation will be responsible for:

  • the receipt, banking and administration of all moneys
  • project monitoring and completion
  • ensuring the applicant acquits the funding on time
  • sign off on the acquittal form.

An auspicing organisation may also provide the following support to the applicant:

  • provide insurance for the project
  • provide mentoring for the auspiced group.

An auspicing organisation may also charge a small fee for the above services.

It is the responsibility of the group being auspiced to ensure that a clear agreement is reached before applying for funding. An Agreement Form must be filled out and included with the application of any auspiced group.

Why should my organisation auspice/sponsor another group?

By auspicing, you may be helping out a new and developing local community group if they are doing a great project.

It is a great way of ensuring that important projects get off the ground. It is also a great way for your group to build long term partnerships.

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