Categories and Assessment Criteria
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jan 2019

Community Partnership Funding is offered under the following categories: 

Assessment for each category is based on budget availability and alignment with both funding program and category specific assessment criteria. Applications are assessed by panels of experienced council staff.

Panel recommendations are reported to council for endorsement. Part-funding may be offered.

Where multi-year funding is allocated, subsequent years of funding will be conditional on:

  • council’s budget availability
  • compliance with funding conditions
  • delivering agreed outcomes
  • organisation’s continuing to work towards self-sufficiency
  • funding program assessment criteria (see below)
  • category specific assessment criteria (see below)

 Funding program assessment criteria

Applications are assessed against the following program priorities.

Council priorities

  • Strength of alignment with council’s priorities as described in current council strategies, plans or policy positions.

Community need and benefit

  • Demonstrate clear and identified community need and support for services/facilities.
  • Provide lasting impact and benefits that are far reaching.
  • Provide equitable access and / or participation opportunities.

Planning and delivery

  • Demonstrated collaborative approach to delivering the service or operating the facility.
  • A well-planned and achievable strategic/ operational/ business plan for delivery.
  • A clear evaluation process, which identifies what will be delivered, and how it will be measured and reported to council (e.g. hours of operation, volunteer hours, number of participants).

Organisational capacity

  • Demonstrated capacity to deliver for the duration of the partnership
  • Evidence of:
    • sound financial management
    • sustainable budgeting
    • effective business planning processes
    • risk management practices
    • principles of good governance
    • evidence the organisation is working towards or maintaining self-sufficiency


  • Realistic budget reflecting the scope and scale of the proposal.

Category specific assessment criteria

Applications must address specific priorities for their chosen category.