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Work in Progress

Some projects may take a bit longer than anticipated to complete due to extended periods of rain, or contractors being unavailable. Current capital improvement projects are listed here. Other minor capital projects may also be underway.

You can also follow the progress of council's major projects.

The following information was last updated at 02:50PM on Monday 22 June 2015.

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Location: Turner St
Project details: Council is about to start the first stage of park improvements in Beerwah’s Civic Heart - Turner Park. This work follows on from the recently completed streetscape and new Tower Green Park in Simpson Street, Beerwah. The work is part of the implementation of the Beerwah Public Domain Masterplan.

Stage 1 will comprise the construction of an entry plaza including a park entry arbour and sign, custom ‘Beerwah’ seating walls and picnic settings under shade trees with garden beds. Site work is scheduled to commence in mid May 2015 and will continue for approximately 12 weeks (weather dependent).
Start date:18 May 2015
Duration:12 weeks
Related document: Project news [DOCX 1459KB]

Location: Peachester Road
Project details: Work will start mid June to construct a 2m concrete pathway along Peachester Road, Beerwah between Nichols Avenue and Blackbutt Street. This will provide a formalised pathway for residents and will link with existing pathways in the area.

Work is scheduled to start the week commencing 15 June 2015. Completion is expected within three weeks (weather dependent).
Start date:15 June 2015
Duration:3 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 1838KB]

Location: Fielding Street
Project details: Council is committed to improving drainage infrastructure across the region. Both sides of Fielding Street, Buderim will be widened and existing sections of kerb and channel connected. Work includes replacing the existing open drains with new kerb and channel and sealing the road shoulder.

This new kerb and channel will join the existing infrastructure on Gloucester Road and Fielding Street opposite Farnwyn Court. Work is scheduled to start the week commencing 15 June 2015. Completion is expected within 6 weeks (weather dependent).
Start date:15 June 2015
Duration:6 weeks
Related document: Project news [DOC 1318KB]

Location: Windsor and Perwillowen Roads
Project details: Work will commence in early March to improve Windsor Road (between the new TAFE roundabout and Blaxland Road) by widening and reconstructing the existing pavement. Construction to widen the cycleway on the southern side of Windsor Road (between Blaxland and Perwillowen Road) will follow.

Whilst these works are underway, Perwillowen Road will be reconstructed (between Coes Creek Road and the Arundel Avenue roundabout). This will include drainage improvements and kerb and channel installation in some locations. The works are scheduled to commence in early March and are expected to be complete in early August 2015 (weather dependent).
Start date:2 March 2015
Duration:30 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 2639KB]

Coolum Beach
Location: David Low Way
Project details: As part of Council’s endorsed Coolum Sports Complex Masterplan, works will soon begin on a new multi-use field. The $2.4 million expansion project is a joint venture between Council and the Queensland Government’s Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing ‘Get Playing Plus’ program.

Site works are scheduled to begin in early May 2015 and will continue to December 2015 (weather dependent).
Start date:4 May 2015
Duration:30 weeks
Related document: Project news [PDF 1471KB]

Location: Dick Caplick Park
Project details: Following on from the last community update in 2014, council would like to announce the latest progress towards the upgrade of the Dick Caplick Park playground in Eumundi. The first stage will start in mid 2015. Future stages will be delivered as funding becomes available.

In the coming weeks you will notice construction work being conducted in and around the playground. The soft fall zone is being refilled to comply with safety standards, some of the playground pieces are being refurbished and other elements will be replaced. This work is part of council’s commitment to ensure the safety and enjoyment of playgrounds throughout the region.
Start date:15 June 2015
Duration:12 weeks
Related document: Project news [DOCX 259KB]

Location: Eumundi Range Road
Project details: The existing timber bridge on Eumundi Range Road, Eumundi is reaching the end of its serviceable life. This bridge will be replaced as it can no longer be maintained to the standard required. To improve safety, the new bridge will be wider to accommodate two 3.5m wide traffic lanes with a 1.2m wide shoulder on both sides and a 2m wide separated pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.

While the new bridge will not prevent Eumundi Range Road being cut off by flooding (due to low approach roads), council is planning for the future by constructing the new bridge at a higher level than the existing one. Bridge construction is scheduled to start mid July 2015. Completion of bridge construction is expected before Christmas 2015 with full completion of work expected in February.
Start date:15 June 2015
Duration:31 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 1462KB]

Maroochy River
Location: Bradman Avenue
Project details: Council is pleased to announce that construction is about to commence on stage 5 of the Maroochy River Foreshore upgrades. The project is designed to achieve the objectives outlined in the Maroochy River Foreshore Open Space Masterplan 2011.

The project is programed to commence in May 2015. Completion is anticipated within fourteen weeks (weather dependent).
Start date:11 May 2015
Duration:14 weeks
Related document: Project news [DOCX 2854KB]

Location: Evans Street
Project details: Evans Street connects Maroochydore Road and Maroochy Boulevard. Work will commence on the upgrade of Evans Street from its existing two-lanes to a four-lane arterial road.

The project is considered an essential part of the Maroochy road network and is intended to improve road safety, traffic flow, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport connectivity; and public amenity. Streetscape improvements will include new street furniture, pathway upgrades and landscaping elements. The Evans Street upgrade project will be constructed over the next two years (2015-2017).
Start date:1 December 2014
Duration:104 weeks
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Related document: Project News [DOC 723KB]

Location: Maroochydore Beach
Project details: Council will be undertaking stage 2 nourishment work in late 2015 to again provide an erosion buffer at the site and, in addition, also prepare this stretch of beach for the upcoming Australian Surf Life Saving Championships to be held in April 2016. These titles represent a significant economic opportunity to the local businesses in the region.
Start date:5 June 2015
Duration:12 weeks
Related document: Project News [PDF 330KB]

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Last Updated 29-Jul-13