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Work in Progress

Some projects may take a bit longer than anticipated to complete due to extended periods of rain, or contractors being unavailable. Current capital improvement projects are listed here. Other minor capital projects may also be underway.

You can also follow the progress of council's major projects.

The following information was last updated at 11:08AM on Thursday 18 December 2014.

Bli Bli
Location: Sports Road
Project details: Work will soon commence to widen and seal Sports Road, Bli Bli. The sealed roadway will include two 3 metre sealed traffic lanes with 0.5 metre sealed road shoulders.

Early work in the form of service relocation work is scheduled to commence the week commencing 15 December 2014. This stage of the service relocation work is expected to be completed in one week (weather dependent). Full road construction work is not scheduled to commence until February 2015. An updated project news will be sent prior to this work commencing.
Start date:15 December 2014
Duration:2 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 1333KB]

Location: Chevallum Road
Project details: Council will undertake road rehabilitation works along Chevallum Road from Chevallum School to Dales Road. The project is programmed to commence Monday 19 January 2015, and it is anticipated that works will be completed within 6 weeks (weather permitting).

The road will be kept open during these works however, traffic controllers will be present on site to facilitate through traffic and property access.
Start date:19 January 2015
Duration:6 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 1351KB]

Location: Okinja and Surf Road
Project details: Council is committed to improving the stormwater drainage network across the region. Work will soon commence to concrete line a section of the open drain adjacent Okinja Road and upgrade the cross road culverts under both Surf Road and Okinja Road. This work is being undertaken in order to mitigate the impact of high rainfall events within the local catchment.

This will involve the construction of a concrete lined channel, excavation of both road crossings to install the new larger capacity culverts, and associated pathway and earthworks. Work is currently programmed to commence 30 September 2014, and completion anticipated within 4 to 5 months (weather dependent). Work will start at Surf Road progressing south towards Okinja Road.
Start date:29 September 2014
Duration:17 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 2454KB]

Location: Evans Street
Project details: Evans Street connects Maroochydore Road and Maroochy Boulevard. Work will commence on the upgrade of Evans Street from its existing two-lanes to a four-lane arterial road.

The project is considered an essential part of the Maroochy road network and is intended to improve road safety, traffic flow, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport connectivity; and public amenity. Streetscape improvements will include new street furniture, pathway upgrades and landscaping elements. The Evans Street upgrade project will be constructed over the next two years (2015-2017).
Start date:1 December 2014
Duration:104 weeks
Related page: Evans Street Upgrade
Related document: Project News [DOC 723KB]

Mountain Creek
Location: Bundilla Boulevard and Cootamundra Drive
Project details: Bundilla Boulevard and Cootamundra Drive bridges require some refurbishment to ensure that they remain in good condition for decades to come. Work is being undertaken as part of standard bridge maintenance program.

Anticipated impact dates for Bundilla bridge headstock and over bridge works is from 3 December 2014 until 19 December 2014. Cootamundra over bridge works to be completed between 3 December 2014 and 10 December 2014. Note - these lane closures will be on and off during these periods to avoid the peak traffic where practical, it is not a constant single lane operation for all the dates listed.
Start date:1 September 2014
Duration:16 weeks
Related document: Project news [DOC 1888KB]

Location: Ninderry Road
Project details: Work will soon commence to upgrade the cross road drainage along Ninderry Road. This will involve the installation of a side track to allow traffic to pass around the work, clearing of vegetation, construction of concrete base slabs and box culverts, and associated roadwork.

Work is currently programmed to commence 22 September 2014, and completion is anticipated within four months (weather dependent).
Start date:22 September 2014
Duration:17 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 2289KB]

Location: Grande Parade
Project details: A concept design has been prepared for the shade structure providing cover to the playground in Double Bay Park along Grand Parade, Parrearra.

Work is currently programmed to commence late January 2015. It is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks (weather dependent).
Start date:19 January 2015
Duration:3 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 4054KB]

Point Arkwright
Location: Arthur Street
Project details: Work will soon commence to seal Arthur Street, Point Arkwright. The constructed roadway will be a 5.5 metre wide asphalt sealed surface with a meandering centreline which aims to retain the existing local street environment.

It is expected that work will commence in January 2015. This road work is expected to be completed within two months (weather dependent).
Start date:5 January 2015
Duration:9 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 1221KB]

Sippy Downs
Location: Sippy Downs Drive
Project details: Work will commence on the next stage of construction at Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs. This stage will connect the recently constructed roadworks and pathway in front of the University of the Sunshine Coast and will include the full frontage of Siena Catholic School and St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

The project is programmed to start 28 April 2014 with completion anticipated within eight months (weather dependent). Due to the large volume of traffic generated by the university and nearby schools, construction of the critical sections of road pavement will be programmed where possible in school holiday periods.
Start date:28 April 2014
Duration:36 weeks
Related document: Project News [DOC 2497KB]

Last Updated 29-Jul-13