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Sunshine Coast Mapping

Sunshine Coast MyMapsLink exits to another website  provides easy access to local maps. You can build your own map of your property or look up community services in your area.

About MyMaps

The site allows you to:

  • add and remove layers in order to compose maps
  • zoom and pan the map
  • identify features
  • drawing and measuring
  • save a PDF of your map.
The types of data available through MyMaps:
  • property and boundary information
  • open space and environment areas
  • water features
  • planning data
  • population
  • elevation
  • aerial photography.
Other features of the Sunshine Coast MyMaps site include:
  • emergency and flooding maps
  • tourism maps
  • event information.
Access to Sunshine Coast MyMaps is free to the public. More specialised map products are available for a fee.

For more information contact council's customer service centre.

Access Sunshine Coast MyMapsLink exits to another website

Last Updated 03-Feb-14