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Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2012

SC Planning Scheme SC Planning Scheme SC Planning Scheme SC Planning Scheme

On 2 December 2013, council resolved to forward the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme to the state government to seek the Minister for Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning approval for council to adopt the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme (anticipated by March 2014).

On 6 December 2013, the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme - Post Notification Ministerial Review Version December 2013, was submitted to the minister for approval.

The public consultation period for the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme ended on 14 December 2012. Council received over 3200 submissions in relation to the draft planning scheme (2880 relating to the new Sunshine Coast Council area).

In March 2013, the Noosa community voted to de-amalgamate from the Sunshine Coast region to form the new Noosa local government area. The Noosa part of the draft planning scheme and all related submissions have been given to the Transfer Manager for the new Noosa Council for its consideration once that council is formed on 1 January 2014. Noosa submitters will not receive a response from Sunshine Coast Council. 

In accordance with Statutory Guideline 01/13 – Making or amending a local planning instrument, council has reviewed all properly made submissions relating to the Sunshine Coast Council area and made modifications to the draft planning scheme to simplify, improve useability and respond to submissions.

Each submitter will receive a response detailing how their submission has been dealt with by council. This response will include:

  • a letter/email;
  • extract from the submissions summary table which includes council's response; and 
  • any relevant key issues reports.

The Overview of Submissions and Responses provides a summary of the issues raised and outlines how these issues have been addressed in the proposed planning scheme. For further details, Key Issues Reports have been prepared for the key issues raised in the submissions.

For more information about the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme contact (07) 5475 PLAN (7526).

View the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme (Public Notification Version)

NOTE: This version of the draft planning scheme does not incorporate the modifications made in response to the consideration of submissions.

Explore the document and download in parts or sections.
Review and download the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme maps.
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