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Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016

Active AgeingCouncil adopted the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016 at its Ordinary Meeting on 29 June 2011.

The Positive Ageing Strategy contributes to council's vision by building a strong, connected and vibrant older population on the Sunshine Coast.


Council has developed the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016 to address the changing needs of older people on the Sunshine Coast.

Council will work with its partner agencies to implement the strategy over the next five years, contributing to stronger, more cohesive Sunshine Coast communities.


Council recognises the many significant and positive contributions older people make to Sunshine Coast communities.
The strategy focuses on council’s commitment to older people over the next five years. This strategy promotes collaboration between council and agencies across the region to meet the needs of older people and maximise the benefits of an ageing population.

Council has developed the Positive Ageing Strategy with extensive consultation with older people, the broader community, service providers, community organisations and government agencies to ensure older peoples' needs and aspirations are captured.

Community engagement

The Positive Ageing Community Survey 2010 was conducted between October and November 2010, leading to a better understanding of the issues, needs and aspirations of older people on the Coast. In total, 785 people responded to the survey, providing information about:

  • what positive ageing means to them
  • what positive impacts affect their lives
  • what challenges they currently face
  • what are their hopes for the future of the Sunshine Coast for them and their descendants.

Council also consulted with service providers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the development of the strategy.

View the outcomes from the community engagement activities in the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Survey Report 2011 [PDF 896KB].

Council also hosted the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Conference 2011. The conference brought together over 60 representatives from more than 40 key agencies across the region to develop a shared strategic direction in addressing the needs of older people.

In April 2011, the community was invited to comment on the draft Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2016, including the vision, principles and action plan. The draft strategy was available for comment until 26 April 2011.

The outcomes of these engagement activities have directly informed the development of the strategy to ensure it is responsive to the needs of the community.


The strategy is supported by the Sunshine Coast Positive Ageing Foundation Paper 2011 [PDF 686KB].

This paper presents a summary of research on the issues associated with ageing. It includes the international, national, state and local policy context, as well as a detailed demographic analysis of older people on the Sunshine Coast.

The Positive Ageing Strategy is supported by a set of principles developed from this research, and are in line with a number of key international, national and state strategic documents. The principles are:

  1. Equitable access for all
  2. Dignity and respect
  3. Diversity
  4. Safety
  5. Participation and connectedness
  6. Opportunities for all to an independent lifestyle
  7. Collaborative partnerships

Council's commitment to older people is based on these seven principles. The principles demonstrate that the ability to age in a positive way is dependent on a number of interrelated factors.


For more information, please contact council’s Development Officer on (07) 5441 8186 or email .

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