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Pests and Weeds

Weeds and Pests Weeds and Pests Weeds and Pests Weeds and Pests

The Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan provides a foundation for managing weeds and pest animals across the Sunshine Coast.

Learn how to protect yourself, your family, pets and home from mosquitoes and biting midges
The control of weed species on private property is the landowner's responsibility. Find brochures to assist you with weed identification and control
It is a landholder's responsibility to control pest species on their own property. Find out how to report sightings of animals such as wild dogs and foxes
Myrtle rust was found in Queensland in December 2010. Find out how to identify this plant disease and what you can do to prevent it spreading
Council conducts pest survey programs in accordance with Section 241 of the Land Protection Act 2002

Last Updated 06-Oct-15