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Infringement Notices

Council can issue fines called infringement notices. Infringements can relate to:

  • parking
  • animals
  • parks and reserves
  • signage
  • vegetation.

Why council issues infringements

Council issues infringements according to local laws and state laws.

Paying an infringement

  • Pay your infringement noticeLink exits to another website with Visa or MasterCard
  • Email your credit card details to  - please include:
    • card number
    • expiry date
    • name of the card holder
    • a postal address
    • contact telephone number
    • infringement number.
  • Pay in person at any post office by the due date.
  • Post a cheque or money order to Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre, QLD 4560. Please include a copy of the infringement notice.

Additional charges apply if the infringement is not paid by the due date. Council conducts a search to find the vehicle owner and sends out a reminder notice. The search fee is then passed on to the owner.

The infringement amount and any additional charges must be paid on time. If it is not, it will be referred to the State Penalties Enforcement RegistryLink exits to another website (SPER). This will result in further charges. Once the matter has been referred to SPER, all dealings must be conducted with them and not with council.

You can arrange a payment plan with council. This is only available for amounts over $200. You must contact council to make the arrangement. Any extra charges must also be paid to prevent the matter from being referred to SPER.

Payment options

Option 1: Pay in full

Option 2: Have this matter dealt with by a magistrates court

Option 3: Apply to pay by instalments

Option 4: Lodge a statutory declaration (vehicle related offences only)

Withdrawal of an infringement

An infringement may be withdrawn in the following circumstances:

  • incorrect details (for example, date of infringement, vehicle registration)
  • medical emergencies
  • vehicle malfunction.

All requests must be submitted on the infringement request for withdrawal form.

All supporting evidence must be attached. You can provide a statutory declaration as support for extenuating circumstances.

You must submit a request for a review within 28 days of issue of the infringement. You will receive a letter advising the outcome.

Providing evidence and additional information

It is important that you provide sufficient supporting evidence when you lodge your request for a withdrawal form. This helps council to make an informed decision.

Please include with this form (if applicable):

  • photographs or diagrams
  • vehicle repair receipt
  • statutory declaration
    • advising the vehicle has been sold (copy of transfer papers or receipt of sale must be provided)
    • advising illegal use (written advice or crime report from the Queensland Police Service must be provided)
    • if you were not the driver of the vehicle, indicating who the driver was at the time the infringement notice was issued. Include the name and contact details of the driver.
  • copies of permits or disabled permits not displayed at the time of the offence
  • copies of medical certificates or other proof to support your case.


For more information, or if you need assistance, please contact council's customer service centre.

Last Updated 08-Sep-15