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Environment and Waste

Environment and Waste Environment and Waste Environment and Waste Environment and Waste
Find information on tree clearing and damaging vegetation and discover the Sunshine Coast's many beautiful plants
Council provides a comprehensive, waste collection, disposal, recycling and advisory service for Coast residents and commercial and industrial customers
Get involved in council's sustainable living programs: LivingSmart and Energy Conservation. Find out what you can do to combat climate change
Take part in one of council’s conservation programs to assist in protecting the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful natural environment
The Sunshine Coast prides itself on its natural environment – in countless ways the region's waterways are the source of economic, social and environmental wellbeing
As well as land acquisition and land management programs, levy funds also contribute to services and programs which promote ecosystem health
Find out what council is doing to manage the Coast's environment
There are three environmental education centres on the Sunshine Coast offering information, walking trails, green art, workshops and more

Last Updated 12-Nov-13